Observations on Las Vegas


Everyone should visit Las Vegas once. I best describe the city as excess versus desperation. It’s something you have to experience to understand. Whether you want to return, well…

  • When you step off the plane into the terminal the first thing you see are slot machines. You’re not in Kansas in anymore Toto.
  • Everything is façade. The difference between Paris, where everything is as old as it appears and Vegas, is that in everything in Vegas is replica of an original. If you’re are in tune with your emotions, you will easily sense it. Paris tugs on my emotions. Vegas, nada.
  • Other than gambling (I don’t), your options for entertainment are: shopping, dining and shows. This is not like New York, Seattle or Chicago, where there is an active downtown area with quaint little shops, museums and such. It may have such an area, but it’s not around the Strip.
  • If you’re into high-end fashion brands, it’s hard to beat Vegas for the sheer concentration of stores. From Hermes and Fendi, to Chanel and Gucci, Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and so on. Window shopping is encouraged.
  • The restaurants are excellent, but it will cost you. Figure $100+ per person if you’re including wine. If you want pre-dinner drinks and appetizers, figure $30-$40 per person.
  • B & B Ristorante was the unanimous choice as best meal. You will not taste a better Caprese salad anywhere. The Mozzarella, OMG. HIGHLY recommend the octopus and the gnocchi.
  • The best service award goes to our waiter at the Yellowtail. He was informative, entertaining and his recommendations were spot on. Second place goes to our waiter at B & B Ristorante.
  • I ate Sushi twice. I don’t like Sushi. I do now.
  • Waitresses do not wear pants. We tipped heavily with hopes that they may purchase them.
  • For an utter authentic experience, which is quite the opposite of the city itself, the award goes to the kind gentleman at Le Macaron. I regret I didn’t get his name, but I believe he was the store manager. He was informative, he let us sample and he taught us how to eat macarons (with eyes closed). David was chasing gelato (which they also offer) and sampled a taste of the Violet Flower. UNBELIEVABLE. AMAZING FLAVOR and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Our bonus was being permitted to enjoy our treats in a private dining space.
  • Mollie and I attended Mystère by Cirque du Soleil (thanks for the invitation my dear lady). Absolutely fabulous, a must-see and I would go again if offered the chance.
  • The typical tourist attire reminds me of a cross between a state fair, myrtle beach spring break and prom night gone bad.
  • You will see families on the strip at all hours of the day and night. I seriously question the parenting skills of such families.
  • Some hotels will offer up characters for photo ops on the street. You will see show girls, to Elvis, to cartoon characters. I did high-five Pikachu, much to Mollie’s surprise.
  • One note on the cartoon characters. You will see them on the street minus their heads, which is something you would never ever see at Disney. It’s a bit creepy when you do.
  • Smoking is allowed in casinos.
  • Taxi drivers were friendly and sometimes informative. Thanks to the driver who gave us the heads-up about grabbing a taxi during shows and not in-between (hopeless).
  • Never go from Paris to Vegas. The cultural shock is too much for one to endure.

~ by Genevieve on 2016.10.14.

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