Seeing Europe in the Summer of 2015

Observations from my business trip to Lille, France via London, England.


We got through Heathrow, one of the world’s busiest airports, faster than we did RDU. Score one for the Brits.

The food service on the return flight, Heathrow to RDU, was far superior to the food service from RDU to Heathrow. Another one for the Brits.

Early morning U.K. border police can be a surly bunch. Most likely, one two many pints the prior night.

Europe doesn’t ask you to remove your shoes or boots going through security.

Traveling on the Eurostar is what an airplane experience should be. Business class highly recommended.

It takes 20 minutes to cross the Chunnel via the Eurostar.

On the return Eurostar to London, I would have gladly spent my day having the French stewardess ask me questions in French {swoon}.

While you can travel pretty well as a non-French speaker, every conversation start is an awkward moment.

On the return flight a steward and a passenger got into a war of words. For a moment I thought we were going to have one of those headlines of “Passenger Removed from Flight for Unruly Behavior”.


Lille, France

Love the cobble stone streets. Consequently, you don’t see many women in heels {suicidal}.

There’s money in spray paint. Graffiti everywhere.

Meal portions were much larger than I remember. I hope this not a sign of more Americanism corrupting a culture.

There are no peepholes in hotel room doors.

Smoking remains prevalent.

Blowing the car horn in traffic is common, but they don’t lay on it like they do in NYC.


Prince Albert

The Underground was on strike the day we returned, but no one really seemed put out.

When we checked into our hotel, two of us received upgrades to executive suites. The one who did not was wearing a t-shirt. The two, polo shirts.

Had a pint and fish-n-chips in a pub. Did not throw darts (no dart board). Did not eat my mushy peas.

I stood in Hyde Park where Taylor Swift stood for the British Summer Time show, minus the stage and the accompanying super model friends.

In the St .Pancres train station, I had an empty drink can but could not locate a trash can. I asked a policewoman and she said I would not find one. She also said just set the can down. Someone would come along and collect it.

You must re-learn how to cross streets. Remember, the Brits drive on the other side of the road.

When you are walking down the street it is really weird to pass moving cars and not see someone in what would normally be the driver’s seat.


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