Lost and Found

Last Saturday morning I lost my wallet. Last Sunday my wallet returned. That’s how things go.

This is not a post about how I lost it or how I got it back, but about the canceling credit cards and their replacement. With in 15 minutes of realizing my wallet was gone, I started canceling cards. I had an AMEX and Mastercard issued from my employer, an Exxon gas card (which I never use) and a debit and Visa card from Truliant Credit Union.

AMEX – Logged into the AMEX site, quickly located the link for reporting a lost card, filled out the form and boom it was done. As for the replacement, I was given an option of overnight delivery or 2-3 day. I went with overnight. The replacement card arrived Monday at ~9:30am. Grade for AMEX: A+

Master Card (Wells Fargo) – Logged into Master Card site. This site really sucks, so finding the lost card link took a bit of work. I don’t know who designed this site, but it wasn’t anyone who understands usability. Anyway, once I found the link I was able to cancel the card. No options on replacement delivery. Replacement card arrived Thursday. Grade for Master Card: B

Exxon – Welcome to call center hell. I had my statement and called the number it provided. Welcome to India. I start explaining the situation and I’m told its no problem, they can take care of it. As I’m answering questions, the line goes dead. I call back. Different person answers. I start explaining the situation and again the line goes dead. Take three — yet a different person except this time I am told that they do not handle Exxon cards at this center. What?!? Before this conversation goes dead, I’m given a number to call for Exxon cards. Funny how the first two operators could help me, but the third could not. I call the number. It appears I’m in America now. The operator is confused as why I called this number. I explain the situation and she says they also do not handle Exxon cards and to call yet another number. Take five — I finally get someone who can assist and we work through the process. Total time I would put at 30 minutes. I will say that everyone was personable, especially the final operator (Donna). Card arrived today (Friday). Grade for Exxon C+.

Truliant – Logged into their web site. Located the cancel cards link. Its was a damn email form which means its not an immediate action. Someone would have to receive the email and then act on it. Did I mention that this was a Saturday? Screw that. After hunting and finally locating a phone number (why are these so hidden?), I reached a live and very helpful person. She efficiently walked me through the entire process. Delivery? Not yet. Still waiting… and waiting… and getting more mad. Grade for Truliant, who I absolutely love in all other aspects, D.

p.s. Having no useable cards, I had to go to Truliant to cash a check for funds. The cashier made an off-hand comment about it taking two weeks to get replacement cards. I thought he was joking at the time, but its not turning out to be a joke. It it appears to be a customer service failure.


~ by Genevieve on 2012.03.02.

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