I hadn’t planned to post this, but since Coach has chosen not to respond to my email I’m making it public. It’s my email response to their order cancelation email, with a few inserts and a correction on the year (I’m still thinking 2011).

I was extremely pleased that Coach FINALLY sent me offer that could be applied on-line versus all previous offers that required a visit to a store. I assume someone at Coach woke up to the fact that not everyone lives in New York where there are multiple Coach stores and that people actually do shop online. Anyway, I knew exactly what I wanted, went to the web site and ordered it. It took a day to get an order acknowledgement (that’s a painfully slow email system you have). It took another day to get an order cancelation (to my great surprise).

I find it pathetic that your web site is not connected to your inventory. You do realize this is 2012, correct? This situation reminds me of the Best Buy debacle of Christmas. Not a situation that invites a complementary comparison.

So what are my takes aways here? The obvious one is that Coach has serious information systems issues [and thus customer service issues]. The not so obvious one is that even though I have a Coach wallet and check book… and that I bought a Coach handbag for my mother for Christmas, [along with the thousands I have spent over the years]… I’ve probably spent my last dollar on any of your products.

~ by Genevieve on 2012.01.19.

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