Here We Go Magic

It’s hard to believe that I went through June and July without attending a single show, but that’s what happens when you strain back muscles.  Sitting was bad, riding in a car was worse and standing for any period was just out of the question.  It cost me a handful of shows and I ate a few tickets, but that’s how life goes.

Anyway, this show… Light Pines, Beach Fossils and Here We Go Magic… was my return. I knew the show would be a winner, but I was still questioning whether I would survive it (I did).

Chapel Hill’s Light Pines opened. I must confess I know squat about local bands, other than a few I can count on one hand. This was definitely one of the better ones.  While everything wasn’t quite to my taste, I was able to latch on to enough to be pleased, especially for an opening band on a three band night.

Moving north to Brooklyn, Beach Fossils was in the middle slot for the night.  They’re a four piece with a sound that… well, this is going to sound silly… buy Joy Division hits the beach. It was the drum beat and the bass that kept that thought popping into my head. If you weren’t bouncing to these songs, then you have issues.

Lastly, another Brooklyn winner in Here We Go Magic.  This is my third HWGM show and each one has taken a step up from the last. You can listen to the records… which are quite good… but you have to see them live to appreciate them. This was a solid set that pulled songs from the new one, Pigeons, and the self-titled prior record. Loved it from start to finish.

I should also give a shout out to the crowd because although this wasn’t a sell out (your loss for not being there), it was one the most active crowds I’ve seen at the Cat’s Cradle in quite a while.

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2010.08.09.

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