Exit Stencil

You can have the major labels.  What they spit out is mostly make-believe stars and recycled garbage. I’ll go with the little guys. They’re the ones delivering the tunes that get my stamp of approval.

Take Exit Stencil Recordings out of Cleveland.  They have a nice line up of bands from the Dreadful Yawns to Hot Cha Cha to the Mystery of Two.  On the latter, they just released a four song cassette tape of all things. What made this interesting — not that a cassette tape is isn’t interesting on its own; eight track next? — but it came with four crayons so you could color the insert yourself.

The package also included a code for a digital download (blurred in the above) for the same four songs (which is good considering my cassette decks died years ago), some stickers and a post card with yet another code for a mix tape. Not bad for six bucks. When’s the last time a major label delivered something like this at this price?

Now if I the guys at Exit Stencil could just deliver a Mystery of Two show to Chapel Hill/Carrboro, I’d be just peachy.

~ by Genevieve on 2010.05.08.

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