Toys In The Attic

My grandmother passed away just before Christmas and we’ve had the unenviable task of late of cleaning out her house…  a house that has been idle for a number of years, as grandma spent her latter years in assisted care. It’s been a few weekends, but I was over there with the parental units going through things and decided to tackle the attic. There wasn’t much up there. An old trunk (Mom wanted), a box of shoes, part of an old sewing machine (Dad wanted) and then there were two sets of glasses (3 each, 6 total). The were just tossed aside, not really arranged in any way. The packaging had all but disintegrated, but the glasses were in good shape.

Funny thing about those glasses. They had pictures of women on them in native dress. Nothing really provocative, but not something I expected to find. I didn’t really pay too much attention to them at the time. Simply handed them down to Dad and said I’d take them.

So later that night I unpack the glasses and start cleaning them up. I’m washing one out when I notice something. I really, really, noticed something, The image on the inside of the glass was not the same on the outside of the glass. Lets just say that the inside image was… well… a bit risqué… maybe a way bit risqué.

Now these certainly weren’t my grandmother’s glasses because that wasn’t grandma… not by a long shot. So that leaves my grandfather and I that’s where I’m going to leave my suspicions. I would guess he picked them up at some point and for whatever reason they were relegated to the attic and forgotten.

So what do these look like and how risqué do they get?  Here are the fronts of the complete set:

and here’s a close up of one of six, again from the outside:

and here’s and the inside image from the same glass:

That is probably the tamest of the set. Since this is being cross posted to Facebook I’m not going to push my luck and post the more provocative images (there is nudity). Provocativeness aside, I find these glasses pretty amazing because the inside image has to line up with the outside image.

Beyond what I’ve stated here I can add little. No idea on the age. No idea of the value (if any). They are simply an interesting and unexplained curiosity.

~ by Genevieve on 2010.04.12.

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