“So what do you think?”

That was my most asked question of the past week. It was in reference to the iPad which landed on my office desk around 10am on Monday. And the answer?

In simplest terms its an oversized iPod Touch and once you realize that its kind of hard to get by it. Yes, it has a bigger screen and yes, that is a big plus for reading and viewing, but beyond that… well…

For the finer points, the thing I notice most often is how people react when you hand it to them.  They immediately weigh it their hands and the impression is the same as mine. It weighs more than you expect. That’s not to say its heavy, but that it weighs more than you think.  If I had to guess, its all battery because it has a heck of a battery life. I’ve read that you can expect 10-12 hours and haven’t experienced anything that would alter that expectation.

iPhone apps do run on the iPad, but they run at the size they run on the iPhone. There is a button to double their viewing size, but then you get into some anti-aliasing issues. Do yourself a favor and download the iPad version of your favorite apps as they come available.  They tend to be superior to the iPhone versions.

I was listening to music videos, specifically Radiohead’s From the Basement set, and the mix coming out of the speaker was horrendous. I did the same using headphones and it was a world of difference.

I posed this question about midweek to a group of iPhone users:  If you have an iPhone and you get a non-3G iPad, would you consider the iPad crippled?  My answer: Yes.  I say that because the places where the iPad would offer me the most benefit are the places that don’t have wi-fi.

A more important question might be “do I need one?”. No. Between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone, I’m good. However, I seldom travel and that’s an important point. If I were someone who was frequently on the road, I would definitely get an iPad… a 3G iPad.  It would be all I would need. Load up Pages, Numbers and Keynote and go.  BTW, you don’t have to take the iPad out of your bag for airport security.

One last thing on eBooks/iBooks, the publishing houses who think they can get me to switch to 1’s-n-0’s versions of their books at the same prices (or more) of printed versions are idiots. I have no plans to spend one penny in this market until the prices come down to something reasonable. Apple was correct for selling songs at 99 cents and Amazon was right at selling ebooks at $10. When Apple stepped away from the 99 cent price after much, much pleading of the music industry, what happened?  Sales dropped.  Go figure.  So what should we expect now that Amazon has been forced to move away from the $10 figure?  I think we know.

p.s. I think $10 is still a bit much, but it is a nice round figure.  $7.50 is a better price, but it doesn’t have quite the marketability.

~ by Genevieve on 2010.04.10.

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