The third time is the charm, but in the case of Shearwater so were times one and two.

This was my third Shearwater show if you haven’t guessed… fourth if you count Jonathan’s solo show at the Duke Coffeehouse in October of 2008. This edition at Local 506 included openers Hospital Ships and Wye Oak.

Hospital Ships charmed the crowd with 6-8 song set. They consist of Jordan Geiger on acoustic guitar (and who is a multi-instrumentalist in Shearwater), a member of the Kinetiks on electric guitar and another gentleman on bass (who Jordan named as the Shearwater tour manager). Kimberly Burke of Shearwater contributed on bells on the first two songs.

Wye Oak was interesting and intense. I’d heard the name but never any of their tunes. Only two members. Jenn Wasner on guitar and Any Stack on drums/keyboards (at the same time). Jenn would wail away on the guitar while Andy would play drums with his right hand and keyboards with his left. It was an amazing thing to see (and hear).

And then we have Shearwater. Jonathan, Thor, Kimberly, Kevin and Jordan. An excellent 14 song set and two more for an encore. The opening songs, Black Eyes and Landscape at Speed, were killer (both from their new release The Golden Archipelago). It was a good mix of tunes from the Golden ArchipelagoRooks and Palo Santo.

And as always, Thor had something interesting going on. The last show was his homemade stringed instrument. This time it was a cymbal mounted high above the drum kit. Not quite sure what to make of it, but it worked.

If you missed it, your bad. If they come back, go. I know I will (yet again).

Pictures here.


~ by Genevieve on 2010.03.28.

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