Here We Go Magic

Have I told you that I love Here We Go Magic?  Maybe. Possibly… okay, I probably have and rightfully so.  This was my third Here We Go Magic show (Local 506 on 3/14) and each one has been just wee bit better than the last (as it should be).

Lake Inferior opened. They are Chapel Hill product and may be the best of the upcoming artists in the Triangle. I saw them back in January of ’08 when they opened for the Rosebuds, and while their opening then only managed an “interesting”, this one was excellent.  If you need a band that can play in the space the size of an elevator or closet, these are the guys.  Their 11 song set list is here.

Here We Go Magic played…hmm… a dozen song set with a one song encore.  The core set included an equal mixture of tunes from their self-titled release (Only Pieces, Fangela, Tunnelvision, Ahab, Everything’s Big) and their upcoming release Pigeons (Collector, among others). Pigeons hits on 6/8, which is an absolute eternity seeing its only March.  My only hope is they return once its released.

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2010.03.19.

One Response to “Here We Go Magic”

  1. this show was awesome! both bands were equally amazing i thought.

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