Rogue Wave

I’m bit behind on my blogging but a cold will do that to a person.  It pretty much zapped my motivation to write, much less do anything else.  This cold just so happened to rear its ugly head the evening of this Rogue Wave show at the Cats Cradle.  I came very close to not going and in hind site I should have stayed home. While there were people in the crowd in shorts, tank tops and flip flops I was dressed in two coats and a long sleeve shirt.  Did I have a fever?  You bet, but I was doing my best to bury my head in the sand (or beer) and ignore it.

JBM aka Jesse B. Marchant opened and was a unannounced surprise.  Loved it.  If I’d had the cash I would have bought his CD (and will shortly).  I would go see him again.

Avi Buffalo was the middle band.  Not bad, but not quite my thing. My one observation would be end the song.  Don’t dawdle with sound effects, just end it. Once is okay, twice is acceptable, but three times is a bit much.

Rogue Wave played a 15 song set with a 3 song encore (set list). The first 5 to 6 songs were of their latest release Permalight and there were a few more sprinkled through the rest of their set.  These songs were solid, but I haven’t decided of I admire them as much as I do their older works.  That jury still out on that one as I’ve yet to listen the new one (I do have it).

Has Rogue Wave progressed since I last saw them? Yes, very much so and definitely worth seeing (sick or not).

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2010.03.15.

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