Laura Veirs

It had been a long week and was beginning to waver as to whether I would go to the Laura Veirs show at Local 506.  Sometimes the bed can win out, but not this night. Glad a went. Great show. Eric Anderson of Cataldo opened with a mixed acoustic/electric set of songs. Eric was followed up from a set from Nelson and Dan from the Old Believers. Nelson played a few songs solo and was then joined by Nelson and Eric for… well… kind of hard to describe. The guitar sound was dead-on Love’s Them from Barry White. I’ll leave it at that. Laura, with Eric, Nelson, Dan and Alex (?) on viola, played a fourteen song set leaning heavily on her latest release July Flame. She bounced between acoustic, electric, banjo and keyboard (for the encore). The set list lists a two song encore, but we were only treated to Make Something Good.

Pictures here.


~ by Genevieve on 2010.02.21.

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