Joseph Arthur

First show of 2010 and it was a great one — Joseph Arthur solo at the ArtCenter.

The stage had a few paintings scattered around and a blank easel centered in the background. When Joseph came out he immediately went to the easel and began to draw the heads of a man and a woman. From there, he picked up one of his guitars and dove right in. I lost count of the number of songs, but the show worked out to be around 90 minutes (including one encore with a handful of songs). There were two instances where through the use of musical loops he returned to the easel. He would sing and paint at the same time. It was really an amazing show and if  you missed it you should regret it.

The finished painting was available for sale at the end of the show (no idea on cost) as well as a recording of the show (talk about quick turnarounds). There were also other show recordings, paintings and prints available… some very, very cool. If I had the money… oh, well.

Pictures here.


~ by Genevieve on 2010.02.15.

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