I didn’t listen to Obama’s State of Union address. It wasn’t because I don’t support him. I do. It wasn’t because I didn’t vote for him. I did.  Its because it didn’t matter.  What he said simply didn’t matter.  What DOES matter is the 41 Republicans.  That’s been proven out over the last year of Obama’s presidency (even when it was 60/40).  The Republicans are in control… the minority is control the majority.

I don’t expect anything significant to come out of D.C. in the next year… and depending on how the mid-terms go, Obama is pretty much done.  The Republicans have realized… and they realized this early on… that by uniting and not giving into Obama and the Democrats they can be in control.  Sure, they might not set agenda and control committees, but it hasn’t really mattered. They are calling the shots.

An why is this?  Because they don’t care about what happens to me or you.  They only care about not giving an inch to the other side because if they do, then Obama and potentially the Democratic party will come out looking good in the public’s eye… and that certainly cannot happen.  The only thing that matters to the Republicans is regaining presidency and Congress.

Not that it will do any good because then the situation will simply reverse.  The Democrats will do the same to the Republicans so don’t get the impression I’m picking solely on the Republicans.

Now things could happen to change this dynamic.  Think terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc. There’s also the possibility that someone on the Republican side could discover that they had balls and actually do something for the sake of doing the right thing.  There have a been a few isolated cases — Lindsey Graham voting for Sonja Sotomayor and Olympia Snow voting for the Health Care bill to get it out of committee — but on the whole, I wouldn’t count on it… especially after Brown’s win in Massachusetts.

There is also a another dynamic working here and that’s the mid-terms. Where as I’ve stated the Republican stance, now we’re beginning to see the Democrats lose what balls they had due to election implications.  Why do you think there were “no” votes for another term for Bernanke?  It wasn’t because of what he did or not do on the Wall Street bailouts.

As I already said, I don’t expect anything significant happen in the next year, particularly as we approach election day.

Welcome to the lame duck Congress

And where does this leave all of us?  Screwed, as if we ever thought differently.

~ by Genevieve on 2010.01.28.

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