Music of 2009 – Middle of the Road

Here’s the group I’m labeling the “middle of the road” releases. These all are worth adding to your collection, but for whatever reason they didn’t make it into my top tier group. Some may question my choices, but that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I’m simply offering mine (no arguments please).

I know that Grizzly Bear, Neko Case and St. Vincent made many a top ten list, but based on my number of plays I had to place them here. I love all three and have seen GB and SV several times (Neko once), but I didn’t connect as strongly with these releases as I have with their prior works. It happens.

Hmm… what other comments can I offer?

Grab the P.S. Eliot release, because it’s free for download (or was at the time).

Its sad that Citified is a local band, but I have yet to see them. I plan to rectify that this month at the Green Bean in G’boro.

For 2009, I was at shows for Andrew Bird (twice), Grizzly Bear, John Vanderslice, Neko Case and St. Vincent (twice). Didn’t make it to the Yo La Tengo Durham show simply because it wasn’t the venue for a YLT show (return to the Cat’s Cradle please). Mystery of Two has played clubs in Charlotte a few times, but I keep hoping they’ll drift into the Triangle. I would also appreciate it if Arms and Little Girls would turn up. We are not that far out of the way are we?

A salute to Jason Lytle.  Wasn’t sure he would ever release another record. So glad he did.

Andrew Bird Noble Beast
Apostle of Hustle Eats Darkness
Arms Kids Aflame
CFCF Continent
Citified Absence
Grizzly Bear Veckatimest
Jason Lytle Yours Truly, The Commuter
John Vanderslice Romanian Names
Little Girls Concepts
Mystery of Two Mystery of Two
Neko Case Middle Cyclone
Ólafur Arnalds Found Songs
P.S. Eliot Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds
St. Vincent Actor
The Cave Singers Welcome Joy
The Clientele Bonfires on the Heath
Yo La Tengo Popular Songs
Zero 7 Yeah Ghost

~ by Genevieve on 2010.01.09.

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