I Cook


I am not a chef nor am I a gourmet cook (and as Alton Brown asks, “what does it mean to be a gourmet cook?”).  I’m simply someone trying to 1- put food on the table; 2- make it be edible; 3- make myself happy doing it.  One is easy.  Two most often happens. Three follows two.

More Background

I use Evernote for recipe storage. If you haven’t checked out Evernote you should. Its ideal for recipes and for managing all sorts of assorted slices of data. I have it installed on my Mac and on my iPhone (did I mention that its free?). Having it on the iPhone is unbelievably helpful when you’re in the grocery store and your realize that your forgot to note how many ounces of tomatoes are needed for your pasta dish. Oh, btw Evernote automatically keeps what’s on the Mac in sync with what’s on the iPhone. Nice, huh?

Even More Background

After I prepare a dish I return to Evernote to note what worked and what didn’t.  This includes mistakes (plenty), substitutions (almost always) and enhancements (occasional).  If you are one of the lucky people who have access to my Evernote share (yes, you can even share out your notes via a web browser), you may have read some of my cooking ramblings .

The Gist

So is this a sales pitch for Evernote?  No.

Since this blog has become so one dimensional (almost all music with an occasional technical post), I’m going to repackage some of my recipes and commentary into blog posts.  Whether readers will be interested or not really does not matter to me.  This is simply a creative outlet and nothing more.

Side Note

Now I could share out all my recipes to the public via an Evernote sharing link — yes, you can do that too — but I’m not quite sure about the copyright implications.  When I clip something for Evernote I’m not concerned about the legalities so the fine print usually gets omitted.  On the blog I plan to do my best to cite sources and include the credits for those who where there before me.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.12.23.

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