It was a dark and stormy night

Actually, it was a dark and cold night with nearly two hours of it spent standing outside in line.  This was for the Selmanaires / Broadcast /Atlas Sound show at Local 506.  The show was a sell out so I got there a bit early (8:30pm).  Doors were suppose to open about that time, but due to an equipment issue with one of the bands, the doors didn’t open until 10:20pm.  Although there was grumbling — me included — I give the 506 guys credit for managing what could have been a really ugly situation.  From what I can tell all but a few managed to wait it out because it was certainly packed inside.

As for the show, I liked the Selmanaires. A half-dozen or so set that put some life into the crowd. For Broadcast, I went to sleep (almost literally).  I hate to write that because I am a Broadcast fan and I think their Future Crayon release is one of the better b-side collections ever released. But for this night after the long wait, it wasn’t the what everyone needed. Thankfully, Atlas Sound aka Bradford Cox brought me back to life.  With the Selmanaires playing backup Bradford went through about a dozen songs (the last few were solos). Quite enjoyable.

Picture here.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.10.18.

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