The FTC and me

So the FTC is coming after bloggers who endorse products.  Interesting.  Question one would be “How do you plan to enforce that?”  Since that is hopeless, there is no need to move on to other questions.

BUT, to play fair I’ll tell you straight up my policy for reviewing bands.  First, I am not paid.  Do you see any ads on this blog or on my web site? No, and it will stay that way. I don’t do this for money. I do it as a creative outlet. Its simply a brain dump (fart, to those who really know me).

Second, I receive emails each week from agencies/artists promoting bands. They are greatly appreciated.  Unless I’m way, way behind in my life I general check out each one. Some are obvious deletes (no, I’m not going to listen to anyone associated with American Idol) but in most cases I give everyone a fair shake. Sometimes I do receive the full release as mp3s, but in most cases that’s only after I have listened to a sample and agreed to review it.  Many times these reviews will lead to a purchase on my part and/or my presence at a show.  Free tickets have been offered, but I always pay my way. Many of the bands I review are scraping by so I figure every dollar helps.

Third, I suck at reviewing so anyone who thinks what I do is credible work-for-hire must be insane.

Finally, I only review artists that appeal to me.  My negative review is no review… other than the occasional dig for a show — who in the hell could like Rooney?

~ by Genevieve on 2009.10.06.

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