Phantogram and School of Seven Bells

A show with an changing line-up. Originally it was the Magic Numbers and School of Seven Bells then it was Graveyard Fields and School of Seven Bells and finally it was Graveyard Fields, Phantogram and School of Seven Bells.  I would have liked to see Magic Numbers, but I am so glad I got to see Phantogram.

Graveyard Fields opened in what was stated to be only their second show.  If that’s true they were pretty good for a second outing. Like a lot of new bands they need to find their musical way, but I’d say they are not too far from it.

Phantogram.  Joshua and Sarah.  LOVED IT.  Simple as that.  Less than 10 songs but all good. It was nice to see the crowd recognize When I’m Small (which was the song that hooked me).  If Phantogram comes back I’ll be there.  BTW, I believe I heard that there will be a full album release in January.

School of Seven Bells.  I missed them when they came through Charlotte not too long ago (opening for M83 I beleive).  Regretted that ever since. Great set of 10 songs and one encore song of Sempiternal / Amaranth.  The only downside was from where I stood — right at the stage — I took in too much Benjamin’s guitar and not enough of Alejandra and Claudia’s voices.  Other than that, it was wonderful.

Pictures are here.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.10.03.

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