Feeling Overwhelmed

I had so much music come at me this past week that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Therefore, I’m resorting to some quick-n-dirty commenting; not that  normal comments would ever be considered novels.

Brooke was kind enough to drop me a copy of the upcoming Arms release Kids Aflame (w/bonus tracks).  I talked about this release in my last post, but hearing it in its entirety was quite pleasing.  The acoustic version of Whirring is simply icing on the cake.

Brooke also sent me three other newsworthy tidbits:

Dark Captain Light Captain is releasing a five song Remix EP. The cheering you hear in the background is me. DCLC’s Miracle Kicker was on of my 2008 favorites and I’ve been waiting for something new to come my way.  If the remix of Questions is an indication, this EP will be a must have.  The first word that pops into my mind is “charming” and I’ll stick with it.  You can download this nine minute wonder here.

Sin Fang Bous aka Sindri Mar Sigfusson and member of Seabear is making his North American tour debut this fall in promotion of his solo release Clangour. If you need a sample, download Catch the Light, a sweet little track that has some of the subtle charm of early Shins.

– For something a little more laid back, I turn to Will Stratton‘s up coming release No Wonder.  The lead of track, Who Will, is as smooth a song as you’ll hear.  Do I dare say Norah Jones?

Moving on…

I got my first twitter music reward last Monday when finneyerkes started following me.  Curiosity piqued, I checked their profile and discovered some wonderful ambient music.  Best of all they are making three albums worth of material available for free download. Check it out if you get a chance.

Here’s a lovely semi-acoustic version of the Clientele’s Bonfires on the Heath.

Lastly, here’s an Andrew Bird and St. Vincent video piece that is pure magic. I’ll see both in less than three weeks for a two night engagement at the Cat’s Cradle. And yes, I will be there both nights.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.09.19.

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