It’s no mystery

Mystery of Two is really no mystery.  They are simply great (and there are three of them instead of two).  They also have a new release coming out on 9/15 (self-titled, Exit Stencil Recordings) and I’ve been lucky enough to lay my hands on a copy.  Pretty much made my day (and the next and the next).

Ten songs in all, it includes both songs from 2008’s Gravity single (Gravity and Strange Town):

1- Gravity
2- Repeat It
3- French Rocking Horse
4- The Spark is Sweet
5- Reprise It
6- Mornings Call
7- Swimming
8- Middle of a Field
9- Strange Town
10- Free Fall

Mystery of Two have a sound that is reminiscent of the early Talking Heads, particularly with some similarities between Ryan Weitzel voice and David Byrne’s.  However, M2’s have a harder edge… not quite to the extent of a Gang of Four… probably closer to Sonic Youth, but definitely something with a punch.  You can hear this in songs such as Swimming and Repeat It.

One of my favorite moments is in Reprise It when you get this blast of trumpet. It eerily brings to mind something from an Eastwood western… at least it do for me.  It’s a great followup piece to The Spark is Sweet.  My favorite song may be Strange Town. I love the way it builds slowly, whacks you around and then slowly fades away. And much like The Spark is Sweet has its companion piece in Reprise It, Strange Town has its with Free Fall.

If you want a live sampling of Mystery of Two, they did a lengthy session on Breakthru Radio on the 7th of August. Its a mixture of interview and tunes, and includes an explanation on the origin of their name.

Now if I could just see them live…

~ by Genevieve on 2009.08.16.

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