Facebook FAIL take 1

If you perform an event search on Facebook you are greeted with a new page design with the lovely heading:

Welcome to the new, more useful Search page.

Thanks for the welcome, but “useful” is only useful if your goal is to increase page views.  Dysfunctional would be more appropriate.

Let me offer an  example, I want to find out if anyone has schedule an event for the School of Seven Bells show at Local 506 on 9/28.  I type “school of seven bells” into the search box, click Search and get the following:

There is critical information missing in the results? Do you know what it is? Its quite obvious. I’ll even give you a hint. Since these are events, what do events have?

F-ING DATES. The ONLY way I have found to determine the date of an event is to click on each and every one.  As you may recall the prior event search did list the dates, which made it quite easy to scroll through the results to find (or not) the event in question.

Now you may ask about that All Dates drop down, but all it filters are events for today, tomorrow, one week or one month.  Is that honestly suppose to be helpful?  In my example I know the date of the show, but Facebook offers me NO way to search for events on that specific day.

But remember, this is the new useful search page.  Every one pat each other on the back.  Milk and cookies anyone?


~ by Genevieve on 2009.08.16.

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