Digging through the vinyl for Big Country

Bill posted a video to FB the other night from Big Country so I thought I would dig through the vinyl and see what I could find.  I came up with this limited edition 7″ that is essentially a poster with a single tucked in its folds:

The a-side is Fields of Fire and the b-side is Angle Park.

I saw Big Country at WFU in the early eighties (that’s about the best I can do to date it).  I believe Wire Train opened, but don’t hold me to that either.  There are two things I do remember.  First, the pre-show tunes were all Motown classics, which at the time I thought quite strange.  I later learned that BC was a big fan of Motown. Second, this was one of the rare shows where a band repeated a song.  They played In a Big Country twice (once in the main set and once in the encore).

~ by Genevieve on 2009.07.03.

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