The Tallest Man on Earth and John Vanderslice

I shook hands with the Tallest Man on Earth. How many people can say that?  I have to admit I knew absolutely zero about the Tallest Man on Earth before this show.  Post-show I now know that  his real name is Kristian Matsson, he’s from Sweden and that if he comes to your town you should definitely go see him (you should go see JV too).

He played somewhere between 8 to 12 songs and even tossed in an encore of sorts (if an opening act can include an encore).  The crowd was definitely into it and that’s a rarity for many opening acts.

Pictures here.

As for John Vanderslice, what’s not to like? This time out he had a full band (drummer, guitar, bass and keyboards).  That in itself brought a new take on songs such as Pixel Revolt and Exodus Damage. If I counted correctly there were 14 songs with the band, two solo songs and the traditional, acoustic encore in the middle of the crowd (17 in total and their is a picture of the set list in the collection).  I don’t know of better way to say it, but John is just cool.

Pictures here.


~ by Genevieve on 2009.06.21.

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