The Portland Triangle

Three of Portland’s best made the trek across the country for a visit at Local 506.  Point Juncture, WA opened and I must confess they were the band that I came to see.  I had picked up a few songs from here and there and had liked what I had heard.  They didn’t disappoint even with the technical difficulties. Really need to get their Heart to Elk CD when the budget allows it.

The Shaky Hands was the middle act.  I almost caught these guys in July of 2007 when they were a headliner for a show at the Vera Project in Seattle.  I saw Boat at that show, but had to leave early. Any way, I like some of the songs a lot and some left me kind of bland.  I felt like they were searching for a particular sound but hadn’t found it.  Their drummer was something else.

The Thermals were the headliner.  I missed them the last time they came through so I was happy to catch them this time.  I was rewarded with a whopping 21 song set.  It was also packed, which is really surprised for a band from the Northwest.  Shows how much I know about who listens to what around here.  They get the award for the most enthusiastic drummer who did more than his fair share to get the crowd going.

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.05.17.

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