Neko Case

This may sound sexist, but a compliment is a compliment.  Neko Case has incredibly beautiful hair.  Ok, moving on…

… Oh, what a voice.  You can’t help but love it.  To go with that voice was a very talented band with a killer pedal steel (among other instruments).

I can’t tell you the number of songs or the length of the set (this was only last Tuesday, but my mind is shot).  I do know there was a large selection from Middle Cyclone, a few from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (Margaret vs. Pauline and Hold on, Hold on) and a couple from her older material (but I’m not calling them oldies).

I liked Neko, her band, the selection of songs… just about everything… even my orchestra seat in row L, but the crowd was missing energy.  Shows in these larger concert halls just don’t lend themselves to an overly enthused and energetic audience.  I hate it and don’t point the finger at the Neko… not by any stretch… but when you put your audience in cushioned seats (vs. standing like sardines) its hard to get them off their butts. I’d love to see her return and do multiple nights at the Cat’s Cradle (as before, which I missed, like an idiot).


~ by Genevieve on 2009.04.10.

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