Post Office

To help drum up support for a promotional program at the office we mailed out posters to a ton of companies.  As you might expect some the companies have moved and some have gone out of business.  The post office will generally return the posters and when they do they come back with all sorts of labels, ink stamps and in some cases nothing more than pen scratchings.  The labels are bothersome (and the point of this post).  Some are the standard white mailing label, some are pre-printed with check boxes and some are yellow, easy peel with an expired forwarding address (these are the best).  The problem with all of these labels is placement.  The PO puts them right on top of the bad address.  This is understandable, but its a serious pain in the ass when it returns and you want to trace the bad address i.e. you can’t trace what you can’t see.  The standard white labels are the worst.  I think they must use gorilla glue because they do not want to come off.  I have to pick at them like a bad scab.  You would think the yellow, easy peel would be the best but they are just a tad too easy because they generally arrive with additional tape.

So if you want to know what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks… its peeling labels.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.03.31.

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