three nights six bands

Three nights, six bands and not enough beer or sleep (and only one good night of food).

Tuesday night. Here We Go Magic and Titus Andronicus.  Here We Go Magic came on to my radar not too long before this show.  They did a session at WOXY that left me interested.  After seeing them, I was impressed. Their CD is hovering near the top of my “to buy” list.  Not real sure how to describe them, which is always a good thing, when you think about it. They kind of remind me of the Slip, but they’re not nearly as mainstream.  I will definitely go see them again. Pictures here.

As for Titus, I first saw them at the end of January with Los Campesinos! at the Cradle.  I was impressed then and I was impressed again.  I have their CD, but it doesn’t come close to the intensity of a show.  My only complaint is that the show is over before you know it.  Pictures here.

Wednesday night.  Lost in the Trees and Canon Blue.  Lost in the Trees is a local band, but what a band.  There were at least 12 members on stage and I would say there’s a high probability that there were more.  Interesting tunes.  Not quite folksie, but not too far from it. We’re talking violins, cello, horns, guitars, accordion, bells, etc. so let me just say its out there. Pictures here.

Canon Blue I had heard thanks to his free-for-download Halcyon EP.  I like the EP. Its the reason I showed up, but as for the show… well.. it wasn’t quite the same as the CD.  Not bad, but just not what I was expecting.  Of course, when you follow a 12 piece band and you are only one, that could have some impact. Pictures here.

Thursday night.  Tyvek and Asobi Seksu.  Tyvek was a complete unknown to me.  Their tunes were somewhere around the speed of the Ramones (off-the-top-of-my-head comparison) but not quite as heavy.  Fairly stripped down sound and a stand up drummer (which was a first). Pictures here.

Asobi Seksu was a different animal.  Hmm… maybe heavy duty shoegaze?  Heavens, I don’t know.  It was good, but not great.  What really swayed me was the last song, which went on ad nausem with noise.  The band had all left the stage with noise running on and on. The crowd all had the deer-in-the-head lights look so after waiting and waiting I said the hell with it and left.  Whether the band played any more, I have no idea and didn’t care.

I’ve seen this same thing before.  The Metric show, which was awesome, ended on a ten minute song that would never end and went no where.  When it was over the crowd was at a loss for what to do.  It was like popping a balloon.  They took a charged up crowd and killed it. Oh, well.

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.03.29.

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