There not much I can say about this show that isn’t covered here and to some extent here.  With regards to the first review, the show was not packed.  Far from it.  It may have been packed if you were in the orchestra seats, but the upper deck was about sixty percent occupied.

I’ve never seen Morrissey so I didn’t know what expect.  I wasn’t counting on hearing any Smiths’ material, so when he opened with Charming Man I was quite pleased.  When he later played How Soon Is Now? I had hopes that I would hear much more.  Unfortunately, by my count there were only two more Smiths’ songs (one of which I thought was a Morrissey song and the other I didn’t recognize). As for an encore, it was a one-and-done, but to Morrissey’s defense he has been ill and frankly the crowd wasn’t exactly clamouring for more.

So did he show blow me away? No.  Was it good? Yes.  Was I glad I went? Yes. Do I wish Johnny Marr had been on guitar?  Absolutely.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.03.15.

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