Purchasing an iPhone (take eight)

The saga that never ends.

Having finally obtained an iPhone I decided to purchase the extended warranty i.e. AppleCare.  I popped over to the Apple online store, located the AppleCare item for the iPhone and bought it.  It showed up about a week later in a brown, cardboard box… a box about 6 times bigger than need be. Inside was yet another box of the typical Apple packaging variety that contained a multi-page legal booklet and a one page sheet with a registration number.  All you really need is the registration number.  The rest is useless and wasteful packaging (there is nothing green in this transaction).

I logged into the Apple site to register my agreement with the iPhone.  I start working through the steps and get this wierd message — which I can’t pull from memory  (maybe error 75?) — which will not allow me to complete the registration.  Being a bit pissed, I call the Apple support line.

One of the few bright spots of this ordeal is that the phone support has been prompt.  I’ve yet to wait more a couple of minutes before speaking to a human.

Any way, I speak to a support person and they are as befuddle as I am.  Finally, the person locates someone in-the-know who says that this is an issue for NC residents (not sure why).  We cannot register online. It must be done over the phone.  Okay, no problem.

I provide my registration number and then hear the magic words…

“Oh, there is a problem”.

“You bought the wrong AppleCare or more precisely we shipped you the wrong one.”

“Where did you buy this?”

And as I already stated here, I told them directly from Apple.  From there we went into terminating the existing AppleCare number, generating a refund for my purchase and then taking an order for a new one.  This came with a promise that “Yes, we will ship you the correct one this time. And, BTW you will still need to call in to register.”

Should I go on or can you guess the next few sentences?

Another week goes by and another over-sized cardboard box arrives.  I open everything, dig out the registration card and call Apple support.  I explain the prior situation and this time the person on support is aware of the problem with AppleCare.  She asks for the registration number and then the magic words are heard again:

“Oh, there is a problem”.

“Where did you by this”?

and I explain the prior call and that I bought it DIRECTLY from Apple.  She is rather taken aback by the situation and says that she is escalating it.  She needs someone up the line to make judgement call and they can’t do it at this moment.  They will call me back shortly (where have I heard that before?).

I tell her I really do not want to re-order yet again and she is telling me that she really doesn’t want me to either.  I let her go and wait for my call back.  And wait.  And wait.

No call. Surprise, surprise.

I call back today.  Run through the whole fucking story again.  Today’s gentleman was seriously distressed by the situtation.

“Where did you buy the AppleCare?”

I lost count of the number of times I answered that.  We went round-n-round, with lots of apologies on his part (there was obviously nothing he could do) and finally he connected me to someone even more familiar with this disaster.

And you can guess this part too.

I will be getting yet another refund… and get this… I need to drive to an Apple store to make the purchase.  In addition, I must have the Apple store call itself to verify that the AppleCare packages on their shelves are the correct ones.  Oh, and I should do this before I pay for it. No shit.

This gentleman apologized as well, but at this stage why in the hell isn’t it free? Apologies can only get you so far, and so far I’ve had my fill over the whole experience.

BUT, I will drive to the Apple store this weekend and try yet again.  I’m guessing not a single AppleCare package will be worth a damn and my drive will be for naught.   If that’s the case, you may be seeing me on the evening news as “unruly customer arrested at Apple store”.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.03.04.

One Response to “Purchasing an iPhone (take eight)”

  1. Complain like hell in person at the Apple store. If you are pushy enough, you will probably get it for free… get SOMETHING for free.

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