Gigantic Hand

One of the few bright spots of last week was en email about soon-to-be-released CD from a band named Gigantic Hand. I get a fair number of these, many of which I discard, but this one I did not.  First, this email was from Roberta, who is usually pretty on target when it comes to tunes, and second, Gigantic Hand is from Brooklyn which has become a hotbed of talent in the past year or so.

So I gave it a listen and it most definitely passes my tastes (some would say “snobbish” tastes, but I’ll ignore those philistine comments).  Now don’t ask me who they sound like or anything else along those lines.  I’ve been trying to pin that down since I clicked play, but nothing is germinating in my mind.  It’s just good. Simple as that.

The CD comes out on 2/24 from Triple Down Records and is entitled Permanent Skin.  You can grab the opening track, SuAnne Big Crow, right here.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.02.22.

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