The Submarines

Kyle Andrews, from Nashville, opened with a solo acoustic set of seven or eight songs. I enjoyed his set even though I had to strain to hear it over all the bloody background chatter. I get so pissed at shows when a crowd conversation overwhelms the performance on stage. There were a couple of people who had the same reaction. We all kept looking back to see who it was, but I never could spot the offenders (assholes).

The Morning Benders, from Berkeley, were up next with a set of ten to twelve strong songs. This group reminds me of +/-, but with more emphasis on the bass (and less on the drums). Good stuff and complements to the singer for managing to get the crowd to move out of the shadows and up to the stage.

The Submarines were great. I last saw them when they opened for Aimee Mann and even though that was a good show, I think the smaller venue makes for a much better set. They played eleven to twelve songs covering many songs from their Honeysuckle Weeks release. No encore, which was just fine because encores at Local 506 are so awkward.

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.02.08.

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