Four tourneys, oh please no.

I do not believe this.  There is going to be a fourth end of season, college basketball tournament. It has be for the money because it surely can’t be for the quality of the teams or the games.  This will be teams that could not get into the NCAA tourney, could not get in the NIT and could not… heaven forbid… get into the CBI.  Who is left that anyone would want to see?

Frankly, if the NIT didn’t have a rich history (at one time it meant more than the NCAA tourney), would anyone give a damn about it?  I know I could care less about who wins the CBI and honestly the NIT as well.  Can anyone tell me who won last year?  I would be embarassed if my school turned up in the CBI or this new one (and I should probably start working on being embarrased because it appears my school may end up in one or the other if they don’t turn it around).

I suspect this is leading to an expansion of the 64 (actually 65) NCAA tourney field.  I hope it doesn’t happen, but I suspect it will.  There’s too much money on the table and money is what’s driving all of this.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.01.26.

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