the Megafaun of the Love Language of the Rosebuds

Thank goodness for online ticket sales.  There was a group of four in front of me without tickets that had their night ruined by the announcement of “sold out” when they reached the door. While their night ended in disappointment, mine was quite good (oh, and I passed a Chinese dragon on the way to the show… imagine that).

The Love Language opened. Second time I’ve seen them of late.  Not bad as opening acts go with a couple of songs that definitely deserve a listen.  Megafaun followed.  Not real sure what to make of these guys.  There were shades of the Black Rebel Motorcycle club, shades of Shearwater, shades of DMB in an extended jam, maybe even some free form jazz.   I’ll leave them as interesting with mind still in a quandry.

This is the fourth time I’ve seen the Rosebuds and I find that there music has much more punch when they have a bass player (in this case, the bass player from Megafaun).  They played a 13 song set (if I counted correctly) and 3 (or was it 4) songs as an encore.  The crowd was fairly active as far as Cat’s Cradle crowds go and that may be the best compliment that can be made for any show.  I was pleased.

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2009.01.25.

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  1. For a little more information on both bands, check out this story at VolumeOne

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