Purchasing an iPhone (take five)

I’ve not heard a word out of AT&T Wireless… the scum bags… not that ever really expected to.  I posted a tweet about the experience tonight and included “AT&T Wireless” in the text to see if anyone at the clueless company is watching.  I seriously doubt that as well.  They are too busy trying to figure out more ways to screw their customers.

I also sent the whole story to steve@mac.com.  I know its not a direct link to Jobs, but it is most likely monitored by people looking out for outrageous complaints.  It will be interesting to see if and what I receive as a response.

As to a choice of action, it appears I’ll be be getting a new number because I am not paying an extra $200 upfront. I’ll forward my old number to the new one for a month or so and then cancel my old phone/contract (which I will thoroughly enjoy doing in the same sorry AT&T Wireless store where all this began).

~ by Genevieve on 2009.01.21.

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