Purchasing an iPhone (take three)

Come lunch time today I had received no call back from AT&T Wireless. Surprise, surprise.

I drove over there yet again.  I waited for a bit and then I met with this magical woman who was the only one empowered to help me.


The word from Corporate (whatever ‘Corporate’ may be).  No reason given. No recourse.

I made my case… 1- I’ve been with AT&T since the Bell South days; 2- everyone at the office thinks AT&T Wireless sucks but I’ve always said otherwise (shows how stupid I am); 3- I would be paying them more per month with this purchase than if I don’t; 4- I am posting all of this to the Internet; 5- everyone I’ve told this tale to thinks AT&T Wireless are complete idiots; 5- when my current contract is up I am GONE; 6- a new customer is valued more than an old one.  Didn’t matter one bit.

“Sorry sir, there is nothing I can do.”

That should be the mission statement for AT&T Wireless.  Again, I fully understand why the wireless carriers are rated at the bottom of all customer satisfaction surveys.  They deliver NO satisfaction.

I told this person that I did not blame her (other than not calling be back… TWICE).  I could tell that when I left she knew I was absolutely right in my arguments, but she could not do a thing… well… she did offer the 800 customer service number which I’ll cover in the next post.


~ by Genevieve on 2009.01.15.

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