I don’t write that many checks any more.  I can pay most of my bills online either through a site provided by the vendor or through my financial institution.  However, for the longest time the water/sewer bill has stuck out like a sore thumb.

Finally, included in last month’s bill was a card announcing the ability to pay online.  Yipee!  Well, it was a short term yipee.

I set up my account and everything looked pretty straight-forward.  All was fine until I got to the end.  To pay with this service, the city (Burlington) is tacking on a $1.99 convenience fee.  I guess the City is operating under the Ticket Master business model.

Why should paying on-line, which puts the money in their account faster, be penalized with an additional fee?  Off-setting this fee with the cost of a stamp, it still cores me $1.57 more to pay through this method.

Wanting to relay my complaint (bitch about it) to the City, I clicked on the Contact Us link.  That offered two options:  Technical Help and Permit Help.  Choosing Technical Help I get an email address not associated with City (  I promptly typed out my email and fired it off.  It bounced.  So lovely.

I’ve paid two bills throught this interface, but I think that’s the last two I’ll pay until they either drop the fee OR make it the same the cost of a stamp.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.12.13.

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