The Acorn

Wednesday night presented a tough choice.  In Charlotte was School of Seven Bells/M83 and in Carrboro was the Acorn.  I would really love to see both School of Seven Bells and M83.  I’ve seen the Acorn. Charlotte would have been a two hour drive. Carrboro is about 35 minutes.  Hmm… maybe it wasn’t such a tough choice (even with gas now at $2.07/gallon).  Yep, I settled for the short drive (if it had been the weekend the choice might have gone the other way).

Anyway, this was a great show.  The Acorn opened for Calexico, but I didn’t (and couldn’t) stay to watch their set.  I think they played somewhere around ten songs, covering mostly material from their CD Glory Hope Mountain (buy it).  The other songs could be old or new… no idea. I also noticed that their were at least two new (or substitute) members… not sure what was up with that.  It was a fairly large crowd for an opening band and I think they were pleased with what they heard (and the band appeared to be enjoying themselves).  I’d definitely go see them again.

Pictures here.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.11.14.

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