good morning

I go over to the walking track two to three times a week.  There are usually a couple of people doing laps… some regulars… and always a few newbies.  Regardless of whether someone is a regular or a newbie I find it rather strange that some folks… the majority actually… will not respond if I say “hello”, “good morning” or some other form acknowledgment.  Its like walking on the sidewalk in NY, but this is the South and people here are suppose to be polite.  I certainly don’t expect them to acknowledge my presence each time I pass them, but what does it hurt to return a greeting at least once?

Single women are the worst, which I can understand to some extent (not wanting to encourage anything that’s not welcome) and older folks (male or female) are the most friendly.  Joggers, if they acknowledge you, will generally give a hand wave.

I typically try to go the opposite way of most folks (anarchy!). I do this on purpose because I think its less threatening for folks if they see you coming at them than if you come up from behind them.  It also avoids that uncomfortable period when you are overtaking someone going in your same direction.  You are side-by-side for several steps and if the person won’t acknowledge you its really awkward (if not rude).

I need a shirt that says “It’s okay to say hello”.  Or maybe that should be a band name?

~ by Genevieve on 2008.11.02.

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