Billy Bragg

What a great show.  I should stop there, but I will go on just to put words to the page.

Billy was at Page Auditorium last night with the Watson Twins. The Twins opened with a short set of 7 to 8 songs mostly from their recent release Fire Songs.   Interesting and entertaining, but not enough “alt” and little too much “country” for me… but that’s never been my up of tea as far as sounds go.

To repeat myself, Bully was great.  I’d say he played about twenty songs including a three song encore (one with the backing vocals of the Twins). He played a perefect balance of old, new and and unknown songs that kept the crowd happy.  The in-between song commentary — “banter” just doesn’t even begin to address the conversation — was as entertaining as the music.  The only one that comes even close to this is Glen Hansard, but I believe Billy could out last him.

Oh, you had to be there for the Halloween costume story, but Billy kept receiving fresh mugs of tea from someone (Vaughn?) in a ape, Elvis, Uncle Sam, Father Time costume.  It was quite hilarious.

No pictures this time (not allowed).  They would have been good. I had a front row seat.

Keep the faith.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.11.02.

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