Hotel Cafe

I’m a bit behind, so apologies.  Anyway, on Monday evening I attended the Hotel Cafe tour at the Cat’s Cradle. I don’t have background or history on this tour, but I do know that its all female artists.  This stop included Erin McCarley, Samantha Crain, Thao Nguyen, Meiko and Ingrid Michaelson.  I went because of Thao… heard her music on several sites and have loved it.

All artists share a common backing band, and rotate in/out after a couple of songs.  It thought this was extremely smart. So the opening order was Samantha, Meiko, Thao, Erin and Ingrid, each playing two songs.  Following that they were back playing three songs (Samantha played four).  I left after each artist had played twice so I have no idea how it ended.

I thought they were all good, each in their own way, but Thao was still my favorite.  Smantha did play a cool version of Radiohead’s Creep and Ingrid definitely takes the cake for the best between the song banter.

Images here.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.11.01.

One Response to “Hotel Cafe”

  1. Thao was OK – a little too quirky for me though – my highlight was MEIKO – I couldn’t believe how QUIET the crowd got when she performed! Soooo good – I just bought her album on iTunes – check out – I think you’ll love her stuff!

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