Hunter, Aimee and Jonathan

I stepped into the den of the young last night with a visit to the Duke Coffeehouse.  For $5 I heard Hunter MacDermut (the Tourist), Aimee Argote (Des Ark) and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater). This was a solo show with Hunter performing on acoustic guitar, Aimee performing on acoustic guitar and banjo and Jonathan performing on electric guitar and banjo.

The last time I saw the Tourist was just a little over a year ago when they were the opener for Earlimart. I thought they were good then and I thought Hunter was good now.  I wish his amplification had been a little louder because couldn’t hear the between song banter (until I moved to the floor).  Jump over to his MySpace site and you can download his latest CD.

Aimee played her set from chair set on the floor with the crowd. I was so close it was eerie… and I chose not to take any pictures because at the time it felt like I would have been invading her personal space to do so. She played a solid set of five to eight songs; songs that came across with much emotion.

Jonathan was simply wonderful.  He stated at one point that he doesn’t play many solo shows so I feel honored to have experianced this one. I lost count, but I think he played about 10 to 12 songs covering songs from Palo Santo and Rook.  There was one cover, but I have no idea what it was (being horrible as I am with song titles). No new media to grab, but I did snag a t-shirt.

Pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.10.26.

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  1. […] was my third Shearwater show if you haven’t guessed… fourth if you count Jonathan’s solo show at the Duke Coffeehouse in October of 2008. This edition at Local 506 included openers Hospital Ships and Wye […]

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