Ticket Master

I’m sure this is another post in same vein as a million others, but I can’t resist a little venting over Ticket Master.  I bought t a ticket for the David Byrne show yesterday (Raliegh on 12/8).  The face value of the ticket was $44, but after a charge for this, a charge for that, the total ended up being $61.50.  What really got me was the $2.50 charge to for print-at-home tickets vs. receiving them by mail (which was free).  That makes no sense to me other than yet another way for Ticket Master to gouge the customer.

One other thing that bothered me.  I was clicking away as the tickets went on sale hoping to get a front row seat. I got the first ticket on row E in the orchestra section (best seats).  Rows A through D were not available.  Someone was holding (or had obtained) a block of the best seats.  That smells… but again, it is Ticket Master. Short of the wireless carriers, there aren’t many companies who screw their customers more.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.10.11.

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