Say Hi (take 4)

One of my favorite bands rolled into town Monday night. Say Hi (formally Say Hi To Your Mom).  Julie, Melinda and myself made the short trek to Chapel Hill and were rewarded with an excellent show.  Jukebox the Ghost opened.  They were okay, but just not my thing.  They were sort of like Queen crossed with The Polyphonic Spree crossed with Boat (I know, its a weird crossing but that’s the best I can do).

Say Hi was a threesome this time, which I must say works better for me than a twosome.  They played maybe 10-12 songs including Angels And Darlas (which made Amy happy) and a three song encore including Let’s Talk About Spaceships. And I should really state that it wasn’t your typical encore in that Eric simply declares the main set over and then start’s into the encore (which I definitely prefer).

This is my fourth time I’ve seen the band and my fifth t-shirt (pictured). Pictures from the show are here.

BTW, no new CD as yet, but look for one after the first of the year.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.10.09.

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