Laurie Anderson

Bobby, Julie and I managed to find our way to Durham on Thursday night to see Laurie Anderson perform Homeland.  Amazing show… but seeing that it was Laurie, what else would you expect? It was just short of a two hour performance and to my surprise we were treated with a one song, violin solo encore.  She was accompanied by three other musicians… a  violin (or was it a viola?), bass guitar and keyboards.  If I’d been a smart fellow and kept my program I could supply their names. Oh, well.

We were fourth row, just left of center.  When Laurie was performing her encore she was standing at the edge of the stage.  She was playing and looking over the crowd with those mesmerizing eyes… and I was thinking that she was looking right through me.  It was like she was going “he’s a fool, he’s not, she’s a fool, she’s not”.  I think she could do that.

p.s. Sorry, no pictures.  Cameras weren’t allowed.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.09.20.

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