The Veils and Liam Finn

This was a suprise show of sorts.  I thought the order was Liam Finn and then the Veils but it turned out to be the other way round.  Not that it mattered, both were amazing.

The singer for the Veils… who’s name I do not know (and I’m too lazy too google)… has this amazing soft spoken accent. But once he starts singing all this presence just leaps out and grabs you.  The opening song was an absolute killer.  It was almost worth the price admission for that alone.  They played what I would guess was a seven to eight song set of intense music… music that made you sit up and take notice.

Liam Finn was something.  Lacking no level of intenisty… ABSOLUTELY NONE… he bounced between guitars and drums using loops to an extent I have not heard.  I honestly believe he wants to play everything at once (and short of his fellow musician Liza or Eliza? he would have pulled it off).  He opened with hard charging cover of the Beatles’ Birthday and really didn’t back down from there.  He played somewhere between 90 minutes to two hours, including a 4 song encore.  BTW, for the encore he had two of his fellow travelers /roadies / musicians sit in on drums and guitar.  It made a nice close to an amazing night.

Pictures can be had here.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.09.09.

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