Is the soup good?

I haven’t been going out to lunch in a while… saving those precious gas dollars… but it worked out where I had nothing to take today. Not wanting to walk over to McDonalds (about our only choice), I went to Panera.

After making good time driving to the restaurant, I step inside to find one gentleman in line (amazing for lunch time).  I promptly stepped behind the gentleman awaiting my turn… waiting, waiting, waiting.  He was staring up at the menu not saying the word.  The cashier was looking at him… also waiting.  She looked at me, looked back at him, and then back at me.  What passed unsaid between us was “what’s this guy’s problem?”.  Finally, he asked “is the soup good?”.  Actually, he asked about specific soup, but I didn’t quite catch it.

Now, this may have the first time he’d ever been in a Panera and we all have been in that “this is my first time here so don’t f@#$ it up state”, but his question was just… well… stupid.  Did he expect the cashier to say “The tomato soup is fine, but stay away from the clam chowder.  Those clams have been in the back of the freezer for month.  Oh, and Fred spit in the split pea soup.”  This was not a high class establishment — nothing against Panera — but that’s just not something worth asking here.

Thankfully, another cashier walked up and took my order.  Otherwise, I might have lost it.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.08.29.

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