Along with millions of over Scrabulous fans, I’m a bit ripped about the situation between Scrabulous and Hasbro (or is it Hasbeen).  On the face of it, Hasbeen appears to have a case but having a case and moving forward with it are two different things.

Two things stand out to me.  First, Hasbeen waited for more than a year to act.  Why wait?  Did they honestly think it was going away by ignoring it?  Did they think they could out do Scrabulous with their own app and Scabulous would then wither on its own?  Waiting to me indicates either stupidity or there is some question as to the legality of their case.

Second, if I were Hasbeen I would do everything I could to purchase Scrabulous.  They are throwing away a lot of equity by shutting down Scrabulous.  It’s a huge fan base to toss to the wayside.  Much like the debacle of Napster, don’t shut it down.  Figure out a way to capitalize on it.

…but I figure the stuffed shirts at Hasbeen are too blinded by what they see as mark against their intellectual property. They can’t see the forest for the trees. Morons.

Wharton has a good summary piece on the Scrabulous story.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.07.29.

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