Seattle day five

The conference is over. Amen. I can’t take sitting that long and that’s absolutely one of the reasons I don’t consider returning to school for a MBA.

A few of observations:

– Why are these rooms always at the temperature extremes? They either too hot (rare) or too cold (typical). Its a good thing I bought a hoodie yesterday or would have froze my ass off today.

– Never, ever let a product evangelist speak when he/she has beta versions of products.

– No t-shirts this year; not that I need another one. I had expected this one after I saw the conference bag (not that I need another bag either). In the past its been some overly done, multi-pocket bag that I would never ever consider carrying. This year’s bag was a simple bag… one that I would consider using… but it has Microsquish Sliverlight slapped on the side. Forget that. Honestly, I’m not sure why we even need a bag seeing that all the notes are in one binder. It made sense in the days when you had multiple binders and loads of vendor crap.

– Minor criticisms aside, its still a good conference for the dollars. As long as I come away with more beneficial sessions than not so beneficial sessions I feel its justified.

I did skip out for lunch again. I pretty much had to since it was so cold in there. I grabbed a Greek something from Mr. D’s and a blueberry oat bar from Cinnamon Works; both in Pike Place Market. It’s just enjoyable to grab something there and then people watch.

Dinner tonight was the Dahlia Lounge. Unbelievablely good. This is my fourth Tom Douglas resturant in a row and each one gets better and better.  They each have their specialities, but Dahlia is still the best.  I had the clam appetizer, the Tuscan salad, the dungeness crab cakes and some little sorbets for dessert.  Simply incredible.  The two glasses of merlot and the one glass of moscat d’asti don’t hurt either.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.07.23.

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