Seattle day four

Another day spent in a dark room listening to speakers.

Overall, today’s presentations were better and more valuable to me.  Some of it it no-brainer stuff, but other material was just enough to make you contemplate the possibilities.

No box lunch today so I made a quick dart down to the Pike Place Market in hunt of something different (and I just needed to get out and stretch the legs after sitting for 3 plus hours).  I found a little place called Beecher’s that makes homemade cheese and sells a small selection of sandwiches and mac-n-cheese.  I got a dungeness crab sandwich that was very good (should have got two).  I should have tried the mac-n-cheese because lots of people were buying it and nothing else.

Dinner was awesome.  I love Lola, but I do have a weak spot for Greek food. I had the Skordalia spread (this was so good it would have been enough), Jackie’s greek salad with barrel aged feta (an incredible salad for something so simple), the Scallops, shellfish, tomato~green olive manestra, ouzo broth tagine and blueberry sorbet for dessert.  Unbelievablly good.  Three glasses of wine doesn’t hurt either.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.07.22.

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